Sunday, 18 March 2018

Characteristics That Make The Best School

Every parent wishes the best education for their wards and makes all efforts to have them admitted to the best school in town. The need for quality education is imperative and every parent strives to let their children have an unparalleled exposure of knowledge and guidance to succeed in life. But, what makes a good school? 

Is it the favorable location or the high-class infrastructure? Some might argue that accessible tuition fees and best value for money education differentiates schools. Isn’t it too unfortunate to put a price on knowledge?

In an attempt to explore the characteristics that a good school should have, the following lines will have a suitable conclusion:

Student Willingness and Satisfaction
A school that motivates the students to have a positive opinion about the education quality and makes them interested each day is a successful school. A good school is where a student wants to be. It is a place where the future generation gains the best pleasure and finds an answer to each of their curious thoughts.

A good school offers infinite efforts to make a student feel welcome and cared about. Such qualities define the ethos and mantras for a successful school. The best Islamic school in Siwan helps students become productive adults.

A Good School Has the Best Teachers
Teachers are what define the education being provided at any school and they determine what the school is all about. A good school has teachers who the students regard with utmost respect. A healthy teacher-student relation is must and imperative to best involve them in the curriculum. The best playschool in Siwan is proud to have a force of highly qualified teachers that serve with perseverance towards the overall development of students and inculcate the highest values in them.

An Example of Discipline
Effective discipline is what makes a good school. Discipline is the single most significant requirement for every school. Respect for the rules and a regulation is imperative to maintain a state of discipline. Students should have high esteem and admiration for the teachers and vice-versa. Extra strictness is not a requirement but a realization of the limits both teachers and students are bound within keeps things in check.

Adherence to the rules of the school and a regard for the demands that every student, as well as the teacher, is required to fulfill determines the effectiveness of a school.

Playful and Individual Approach
To have the students best interested in the curriculum and make studies easier, playful techniques of teaching must be adapted to make them best understand the subjects and also make them interested in the learning process. Every student is different and has specific abilities. The teacher should cater each student with a specific approach best suited for his individual requirements.

The best playschool in Siwan takes the necessary measures to ensure that it delivers the unmatched quality of education to its students while serving their curiosity. Shining Star Public School is a highly acclaimed educational institute that strives to offer the best academic guidance and inculcate high-quality ethics and values in its students and prepares them to lead the future.

Friday, 5 January 2018

Influence of School on Character Development

A school is not just a place where one learns the basic educational concepts but also develops as an upstanding citizen. School is the first social involvement of a child and offers the platform for character building. Moral education is the key to personality development and is the tool for enhancing one’s intellectual potential.

Schools are the breeding grounds of character development and provide the foundation for a child to inculcate the qualities of respect, honesty, integrity and morality. These are attributes far more significant than outright knowledge as they mould the character of a child and provide them the skills to handle challenging situations in life.
-  “Knowledge gives power. Character earns respect.”

School, teachers and fellow classmates encourage students to adopt the virtuous principles in life. There are numberless means by which a school helps enhance the personality of a child and below mentioned are the ways that help build character in school:

The Vision from Knowledge
Knowledge is enlightenment in life. It imparts broader vision and high thinking capability for a person. Education and knowledge help a person differentiate clearly between right and wrong and guide one in life. Positive behavior and nobility are the qualities of an educated man and the best school in Siwan provides the necessary exposure to the reality of life and equips the students with the necessary skills to handle situations of all sorts in life.

Strength in Unity
A school and classroom teaches students the benefits of teamwork and the idea of being a component of society. There is responsibility on everyone and this sense of involvement extracts the best from the child. With time, a student becomes aware of the demands of being in a social community and the necessary duties set for each.

Ingrain of character
True character is pre-requisite for positive behavior and none can sustain without the other. A person’s character defines his personality and the way he is perceived by the society. A classroom is where the first steps of character development are taken and gradually develop to make a man of manners. Engaging students in group activities where each is assigned a specific role will inculcate the students with the qualities of integrity, dignity and diligence. Such principles are adopted by the best playschool in Siwan to grace the children with these worthy attributes while nourishing them with the timeless benefits of self-respect and courage.

Following the Footsteps of Role Models
Children tend to be as the role models and heroes they consider. They seek to them as guides in life and treat them with great regard. Their actions are a valuable asset for the students and have an ardent influence on them. School provides a child with the best guides in the form of teachers. The behavior they show towards the students is of great significance for their development as they wish to be like them in future. Thus it is the responsibility of a teacher to be composed and presentable enough for being the guide of choice.

Education teaches a person to think intensively. Intelligence and character development are the goals of the top CBSE school in Siwan. Schools shape the character and future of the students that form the backbone of the prosperity of a nation. Shining Star Public School strives for a better tomorrow by providing the highest standards of knowledge and moral education to its students.